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Star Trek

We saw this yesterday and I must say it is, by far, the best of all of the Star Trek movies. While I must take exception with one tiny little part of the movie (it has to do with McCoy), it really brings forward most of the back story of all of the main characters. It is both light-hearted and serious, which is what made the original series so great. The story line also leaves a LOT of room for more movies (and, can I dream, a new series?) in the way it ends. It’s definitely not all cut and dry.

Now, while I was hoping for a great movie, I went into this show with strong memories of Voyager, Enterprise, and, to a degree, DS9. Those shows were a lot less about what made TOS exceptional and a lot more about the dark side of Trek. This movie has brought back the excitement of Gene Roddenberry’s vision.

I give this movie 5 ears (Vulcan Ears!)

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